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Team Sunweb Armor Bib Shorts M

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Team Sunweb Armor Bib Shorts come with a performance-driven design and target demanding riders who seek to optimize every aspect of their cycling. The bib shorts are made of fabrics with exceptional functionality, including Lycra Sport Energy body-control fabric with 4-way stretch. In addition, the shorts combine the innovative Dyneema side protection with the brand-new and highly anatomical Infinity C1 Pad for exceptional performance. Developed in collaboration with the riders on Team Sunweb, who train and race in this item. Innovative side protection Crashes are unfortunately a common occurrence in cycling races, often resulting in severe injuries and bruises. Team Sunweb Armor Bib Shorts feature anti-abrasion Dyneema fabric on the side panels to reduce the risk of painful abrasion wounds. The Dyneema fiber is 15 times stronger than steel, thus preventing the fabric from complete rupturing at crash impact. The result is bib shorts that protect the skin and reduce the risk of

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